Ratio runner-up in the Philips Innovation Award Final

The finals of the Philips Innovation Award were grandly announced and the whole evening lived up to the expectations. All the hard work from the Philips Innovation Award organizers was reflected in the outcome; a dynamic evening with interesting speakers and much interest from the press.

In the end, the jury explained they had trouble selecting a winner from the diverse collection of motivated innovators who participated in the Philips Innovation Awards of 2018. Furthermore, all participants were given credits for their well-thought through business plan. Jury member Philips CEO Frans van Houten emphasized how Ratio was close to winning the Rough Diamond League, in the end, the winner was Circular technology. Although Ratio did not win the rough diamond league, the experience was enriching. The advice given by the judges, coaches, and experts is useful for optimizing the Ratio business plan and conveying it efficiently to an audience.


Aftermovie Final Philips Innovation Award 2018

Here it is: the aftermovie of the Final of the Philips Innovation Award 2018! We enjoyed every minute of it, we hope you did too. We cannot wait for another great year full of innovation!

Geplaatst door Philips Innovation Award op Woensdag 23 mei 2018