Ratio officially founded

To great joy and pride of the Ratio founders; Tim and Tiemen, Ratio BV can now be found in the KVK registers. This milestone precedes years of preparing, networking, knowledge gathering and product development. Other milestones that come to the surface when reminiscing on all of these years of hard work are; winning the Tu/e contest, contributing to the Philips Innovation awards and the many inspiring system engineering conferences all over the world. Also, Tiemen has recently earned his master’s degree and Tim completed his Ph.D. project. In fact, Ratio BV is a spin-off of this research project. Tiemen, in addition, has provided enriching insights during his master thesis that have further improved the quality of Ratio‚Äôs value. Together, Tiemen and Tim form the heart and the lungs of Ratio BV and they are the solid base of this recently founded company.

When looking forward, the founders are enthusiastic for the fruitful, inspiring and valuable collaborations that lie ahead. As this moment Ratio is located at one of the brand new working places recently opened at the Tu/e campus. See below for the address and location.

Tim and Tiemen at the notary