Startups to watch at the Gerard and Anton Award

27-6 was a buzzing day, on this day Innovation Origins selected the 10 most promising start-ups located in the Eindhoven region. Ratio was listed and applauded for their innovative character and promising business plan. This was the six-time in a row that Innovation Origins put down a list like this, also known as the Gerard and Anton awards, and they have done a great job in getting together an inspiring group of people who can learn from each other and grow from the fun and informal network opportunity. On this sunny July day, a wide variety of disciplines were well represented, in addition, there were seasoned high-tech professionals who were keen to talk to everyone.

Brainport DNA

Hans de Jong, president of Philips endorsed how helping each other is an essential part of the Brainport DNA. De Jong explained how Gerard and Anton Philips lay down the foundations for the Philips company as we know it today, ”due to their perseverance, ambitions and good cooperating skills, Gerard and Anton established something big. It is this spirit we see in these young entrepreneurs as well”, thus De Jong.

Start-up statistics

Gerard and Anton Awards 2019

Interestingly, previous winners of the Gerard and Anton award are doing very well. It seems that winning this prize gives you the right to be confident about your business plan. Innovation Origins made up this conclusion from looking back and summarizing the activities of all of the fifty Gerard and Anton award winners. In statistic terms, by winning the Gerard and Anton award your business success increases with a factor 100.  This differentiates widely from the overall statistics for other start-ups. No wonder more and more investors see Brainport as a fruitful investment.