July 1, 2018


Ratio is supporting the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research (https://www.differ.nl) in creating a conceptual design and gathering, quantifying, and
To prove the value of systems engineering, NASA's Chief Cost & Economics Analysis Werner Gruhl plotted the percentage of project
The Eindhoven metropolitan region (MRE) aspires to further develop the Brainport region in its role as an economic world player.
ITER is driven to prove the world how fusion, the nuclear reaction that powers the Sun and the stars, is
The company has recently switched locations and is now found in the vibrant office space of Founded By All at
Cobouw, a well-known Dutch industry magazine recently interviewed Tim and published a well written, and, as it turned out, a well-read
27-6 was a buzzing day, on this day Innovation Origins selected the 10 most promising start-ups located in the Eindhoven
The first edition of the Golden Lightbulb Challenge could count on lots of enthusiasm from numerous young entrepreneurs. On the
On the 28th of November 2018, Tim Wilschut received his Ph.D. degree after presenting his thesis and answering the committee’s
To great joy and pride of the Ratio founders; Tim and Tiemen, Ratio BV can now be found in the