Smart*Light 2.0: colliding photons with electrons.

Ratio has joined the SMART*Light 2.0 consortium funded by the Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland program. The goal of the project is to develop a novel “tabletop” synchrotron for coherent high-brightness X-rays. The x-ray source is based on inverse Compton-scattering. That is, when ultra-short laser pulses (30 femto seconds) interact with bunches of electrons traveling nearly at the Read more about Smart*Light 2.0: colliding photons with electrons.[…]

Systems engineering at DIFFER

Ratio is supporting the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research ( in creating a conceptual design and gathering, quantifying, and specifying the requirements for a new Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) facility. The IBA facility is to be used for fundamental material research. For example, to investigate and develop materials to allow for more efficient solar Read more about Systems engineering at DIFFER[…]

The value of systems Engineering

To prove the value of systems engineering, NASA’s Chief Cost & Economics Analysis Werner Gruhl plotted the percentage of project budget spent on systems engineering against the percentage of project budget overruns of many projects. The plot, seen below, clearly shows that investments in systems engineering are returned by a much greater decrease in cost Read more about The value of systems Engineering[…]

The Eindhoven metropolitan region supports Ratio in software development

The Eindhoven metropolitan region (MRE) aspires to further develop the Brainport region in its role as an economic world player. Therefore the MRE board strategically sets out subsidy for promising small businesses in, or near, Eindhoven. Keywords here are; collaboration, innovation, and local economic benefit. Ratio satisfied the requirements for claiming this unique subsidy by Read more about The Eindhoven metropolitan region supports Ratio in software development[…]

Authoritative Cobouw on Ratio

Cobouw, a well-known Dutch industry magazine recently interviewed Tim and published a well written, and, as it turned out, a well-read article about the company.  In the article, Tim’s background at the university, and his Ph.D. commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat are highlighted. Also, you read about the findings for a standardization approach in product development and how this positively Read more about Authoritative Cobouw on Ratio[…]

Startups to watch at the Gerard and Anton Award

27-6 was a buzzing day, on this day Innovation Origins selected the 10 most promising start-ups located in the Eindhoven region. Ratio was listed and applauded for their innovative character and promising business plan. This was the six-time in a row that Innovation Origins put down a list like this, also known as the Gerard Read more about Startups to watch at the Gerard and Anton Award[…]

Ratio wins Golden Lightbulb challenge

The first edition of the Golden Lightbulb Challenge could count on lots of enthusiasm from numerous young entrepreneurs. On the 29th of April, the Ratio team celebrated their first prize with all the participants, audience and organizers of this groundbreaking challenge. Golden Lightbulb challenge – the gift that keeps on giving The Golden Lightbulb challenge Read more about Ratio wins Golden Lightbulb challenge[…]

Tim concluded his Ph.D. research

On the 28th of November 2018, Tim Wilschut received his Ph.D. degree after presenting his thesis and answering the committee’s questions. In the four years prior to this event, Tim wrote several articles for reputable journals and gave presentations at subject-related conferences all around the world. The thesis is well received by the committee, the Read more about Tim concluded his Ph.D. research[…]