Ratio @ Klokgebouw Eindhoven

The company has recently switched locations and is now found in the vibrant office space of Founded By All at the famous Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The Ratio founders started out their company (09-2018) at The Innovation Space, a unique place for startups and ambitious TU/e students. A desk within the walls of this popular area was offered to them by the jury of the TU/e contest as part of winning the number one prize in this challenging competition. The Innovation Space brought along lots of opportunities and valuable connections. However, the Ratio founders felt it was time for the next step.

Finding a new spot that was as enriching as the Innovations Space wasn’t easy despite the many inspiring office spaces Eindhoven has to offer. Nevertheless, the team found the perfect spot that satisfied their needs – right in the middle of the energetic Strijp-S.

Are you interested in what Stijp-S looks like five floors high? Fancy a nice cup of coffee in a creative and colorful space? Like to see how old meets new and learn more about the Philips history? Or would you just like to talk to deeply passionate software engineers who are eager to help in product, process and project development and who open the doors for new-age knowledge for smarter business? Whatever the reason, you are most welcome. Please come over and visit Ratio at the fifth floor!