Ratio wins Golden Lightbulb challenge

The first edition of the Golden Lightbulb Challenge could count on lots of enthusiasm from numerous young entrepreneurs. On the 29th of April, the Ratio team celebrated their first prize with all the participants, audience and organizers of this groundbreaking challenge.

Golden Lightbulb challenge – the gift that keeps on giving

The Golden Lightbulb challenge is more than just a competitive race. The participants were guided, coached, motivated and challenged throughout multiple stages. In addition, they had the chance to meet tons of interesting people and potential business partners. All in all, a great opportunity if you want to move forward with your start-up.

Ratio team –  the winning team that keeps on winning

The Ratio team participated with fire and fury and are grateful for winning the grand finale and for the granted prizes in the previous rounds of the competition.

The attractive formula of the Golden Lightbulb challenge, together with the focus on the buzzing Brainport region and a great eye for health, circular economic and high-tech innovative concepts, resulted in dozens enrolled business plans of superb quality. Winning this challenge with that kind of competition was a true honor and an energetic wow moment.

Media listings

Besides the granting of a total of €10.750 for the business, the Ratio team got plenty of attention in the media. Innovation Origins nicely put video material of all the promising start-ups in their article.  In addition, the Tu/e campus news dedicated an article on Ratio’s future plans and product information.

Winners of the Golden Lightbulb 2019